Workshops and Courses

Working with Subpersonalities

With Ali Harrison

dates to be confirmed

Venue: Sheffield

This course will give participants the opportunity to explore Psychosynthesis in a small group setting. We will be using a range of creative methods, including journal writing, artwork, meditations, dream work and group discussion to explore ‘who we are’ and ‘what we may be’. In working with Subpersonalities we begin to discover the parts within us that create internal tension.

Bringing Subpersonalities to life in our consciousness, we can begin to understand, accept, integrate and transform their energies, and by using the liberating technique of disidentification we can free up our Will and our creative potential to begin to live the life we want, rather than being driven by unconscious fears and defences which may be well past their ‘sell by’ date!

In this 6 week workshop we will be

  1. BulletRecognising and mapping some of our more well known Subpersonalities, understanding their origin, motivation, behaviours, mindsets, feelings and qualities

  2. BulletEmbodiment and working out of archetypal parts

  3. BulletWorking with the Shadow, understanding and accepting more difficult or less attractive parts, re-owning projections.

  4. BulletIntegration and Synthesis, bringing in balance, working with the ’equal and opposite twin’

  5. BulletUpdating and Transforming Subpersonalities that are past their ‘sell by date’

  6. BulletIdentification and Disidentification

  7. BulletCreation and development of the ‘I’ as a centre of consciousness and Will

  8. BulletCreating new Subpersonalities

  9. BulletOpening to Transpersonal qualities, the I-Self relationship

  10. BulletUsing Subpersonalities as a way into the unconscious in counselling practice

We will be using creative visualisation, work with archetypes, drivers and dream figures, mask making, artwork, music and drama! There will be a lot of opportunity to do paired and group work. Sessions may be available with Ali to do deeper individual work at the usual therapy rate if desired.

If nothing else, this course is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

Places are limited to 12 participants

Cost for whole course: £220. 

Book by sending a non-refundable deposit of £50 to Ali Harrison, 14 Swaledale Road, Sheffield S7 2BY.

There are limited places available and bookings received before August 15th will receive a £20 discount.

One Day Experiential Workshop in Psychosynthesis

‘A Psychology of Hope for the Twenty-first Century’

with Ali Harrison

Dates yet to be finalised (Sheffield)

This experiential workshop will introduce you to the ideas and methods of Psychosynthesis, which you can apply in your personal and professional life. Self Realisation and Personal development involves working in 'the basement of the psyche' examining unconscious childhood conditioning, effects of earlier trauma and
destructive patterning in our lives, as well as exploration of ‘the roof terrace', the higher aspects of the unconscious, the source of higher human values and qualities, joy, creativity, spirituality, passion, meaning and values. This workshop will explore psychospiritual psychology and enable you to you to apply the tools of Psychosynthesis in your life. For those who want to continue in their exploration there will be a 6 week follow up course on Sub personalities running in October/November 2007.

Cost for this day workshop: £40.