The Way I Work

Psychosynthesis is a Holistic Approach, which means that I work with the whole person, as a physical, thinking, emotional, sexual and spiritual being, on a life long journey of personal and spiritual growth. As well as talking about what consciously troubles you, we may also work with less conscious processes, through dreams, creative writing, free drawing etc which may deepen your understanding of yourself.

In working with the problem that brings you to therapy, we will also be looking out for new things revealed by the process, and will also work with these if appropriate.

Most people consider that their personality is fixed and unchanging. In Psychosynthesis there is an understanding that we can operate out of different parts of ourselves. These parts, (or sub personalities) which can come from the different roles we assume in life or from ways we have learned to behave in different situations, can behave and think in very different ways from one another. This can cause internal conflict, which can make life very difficult, especially if you get identified with a particular part. Using the disidentification exercise, enables you to stand back and become conscious of how these different parts operate. This can be very empowering and can give you back conscious control of internal dynamics, which can be so tricky and confusing if you are not aware of them! (Click here to learn about Subpersonalities)

Therapy sessions are usually 60 minutes long, and cost £65.

The first session is a mutual initial assessment, which enables you to meet me and get a sense of how we might work together, if you choose to. I will ask you a bit about your background; the problem or situation that is bringing you to therapy, and any information that either of us might feel is relevant to the work. Because the relationship is so important for therapy to be effective, I would recommend that you come for the initial assessment, meet me and have a time to think about whether you want to commit to us working together. It might be helpful to interview several therapists before making up your mind. I usually allow a bit longer for the first session to ensure that you have had time to ask all the questions you need to.

There is a copy of my contract on the link below, which I will ask you to sign, once we have decided to work together.